Meet Our Coaches: Ralph Richardson


Ralph RichardsonRalph Richardson is the founder and CEO of Maven 2.0, a technology company proudly headquartered in Riverside, California. Maven 2.0 works with everyone from startups to large corporations to build corporate websites, SaaS apps, MVPs and mobile apps.

Ralph received his B.S. in Finance from Oakwood University and worked as a banking executive for 4 years at Butterfield bank in Bermuda before starting his first company. Now a passionate serial entrepreneur, he’s launched more than half a dozen ventures over the last 12 years and currently advises for a few California based startups including Heckler Sports, Brewt Pour, and TimeKlok. His areas of expertise include – product development, revenue strategies, customer development, and business model generation.

Ralph is a member of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce and can also be regularly spotted at LeanLA or Rockfield Labs. He proudly serves as a co-organizer for StartupIE and as a Director of Riverside.IO.

He genuinely enjoys antagonizing startup executives, helping them avoid pitfalls, and helping to them to improve the odds of success. He hopes to retire as a millionaire and one day finally make it to South by South West!